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Sell more with Social Media

Social networks have an incredible potential for your brand that you may not have known about, and at BIM Soluciones we want to offer you their magic. Use everything that the most predominant networks worldwide have for you and start to succeed in your business.

The content in each social network is different. A monthly grid is sent in which you can choose the topics you want to address focused on your business line, we will support you throughout this process. We will create: trivia, infographics, video, meme, branding, sales, surveys, complete the sentence, how does it work, customer testimonials, offers, events, top 5, articles of interest, etc.

redes sociales

With Social Networks you can get

Study of your network

BIM generates a specific study of your networks and analyzes the most optimal and effective communication strategies for you. You will see the whole process of growth of your platforms, through original content that generates engagement.

Organic and targeted strategy

The combination of organic content and strategic advertising is the right formula to grow your business. We manage to generate lasting impressions to position you in the minds of your customers.

Optimal management

An effective management will bring your business the desired success. Social networks involve stages and is much more than just making publications, we have qualified experts to promote the proper management of your social networks.

no longer worry about the design

Put your network management in our hands


The main use of Facebook is to promote products and services, spread news and connect with people around the world. In this social network you can share information, news and audiovisual content.


Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging networks today, here you can share information of various kinds easily and free of charge. One of the characteristics of this social network is the immediacy and simplicity with which you receive and share information.


Instagram is used to share images and videos, you can take advantage of all sections: feed, reels, stories, live broadcasts and different personal and commercial interactions. The content of this network is visual, so you should pay attention to the content you share to engage your target audience.


It is a social network used by professionals and companies, which allows interaction between workers from different areas. On this platform you can create new relationships that bring you closer to achieving your professional goals while sharing content, participating in debates, publishing videos, etc.


It is a visual social network where you can find inspiration for projects and build a digital dashboard. In your home feed you will find people, Pins, companies or products that you might like, these suggestions are based on your recent activity and you can save, share or buy.

My Business

My Business is a free tool, created by Google, that helps businesses manage their online presence. The goal is to give more visibility to your business and this allows your customers to find you easily.

Let's get to work

This is how we make your campaign a success


Select the Social Network that best suits your business

We help you choose the network or networks that best suit your type of business. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.


Generate community through your Social Media

We create original and creative content that generates engagement in order to create a presence in your networks and build your community, as well as reach your target audience.


Create a paid advertising proposal on your social networks

At BIM Soluciones we are experts in generating conversions and sales with paid campaigns.

PREMIUM Social Media Plans



$ 250

Pricing per social network

8 Posts (Images format)
1 Text Correction (per post)
1 Image Correction (per post)


$ 280

Pricing per social network

12 Posts (Images format)
1 Text Correction (per post)
1 Image Correction (per post)


$ 350

Pricing per social network

15 Posts (3 videos and 12 images)
5 to 10 second videos (basic editing)
1 Text Correction (per post)
1 Image or video proofreading (per post)


$ 550

Pricing per social network

30 Posts (6 videos and 24 images)
5 to 10 second videos (basic editing)
1 Text Correction (per post)
1 Image or video proofreading (per post)

Why choose PREMIUM?

Because of our processes that give you priority and guarantees! 🥳

This package allows you to have control and follow up on your publications. You will be able to review the grid of posts to determine changes and corrections. If you like to be involved in the content creation process, this plan is for you, because no one knows your company like you do!

Sample publications

Networking Portfolio

This is what your networks can look like!

Day 1

Asignación del equipo BIM y definición de la estrategia en contenidos orgánicos.

Day 2

Preparation of the monthly content grid (internal and external copy).

Day 3

Customer submittals for approval.

Special process

Posts are worked under a content grid and are sent for review before programming and publishing (delivery times may vary depending on the chosen plan and requested corrections).


Day 4 & 5

Elaboration of all visual content.

Day 6

Submittals for approval.

Day 7

Programming of the contents in the corresponding platform.

Paid campaigns

Facebook and Instagram campaigns

Creating a social media campaign is a job that should be done by experts. If you create one without knowledge on the subject, it is likely that you will not get the results you are looking for. But what exactly do we do?

We segment

We select the interests, demographics and behaviors that define our ideal customer. We categorize your potential customers according to where they are in your sales funnel. For example, we define cold traffic, which are people who don't know you, don't know anything about you, what you do or what we sell.

We determine the message to convey

We determine what our user wants to hear and read in order to create the right strategy and give them the right message.

We define the objective and strategy

We choose for each campaign the target and the right audience. Being the strategy the one that sets the goals. Without strategy there are no conversions.


$ 140

Monthly Price per Social Network

  • 5 titles and
    calls to action
  • 5 descriptions
  • 3 images
  • 1 video (15 to 20 sec)


$ 75

Monthly Price per Social Network

  • Optimized campaigns for social networks

Redes Sociales Ads

Differences between standard vs. dynamic campaigns

Standard campaigns

Dynamic campaigns

How we make your campaigns a success!

Campaign proposal generation

We will assign you a campaign coordinator expert in Facebook ADS, who will conduct an interview to know the objective of your campaign and send you a proposal with the segmentation of your target audience. send you a proposal with the segmentation of your target audience.

Launch and optimization

Your coordinator will carry out the campaign and its monitoring for a period of 30 days, you decide the duration and budget to invest in your campaign, your coordinator will send you the proposal with a suggested budget but in the end you make the final decision. your coordinator will send you a proposal with a suggested budget but in the end you make the final decision.

Results Report

The most important thing is the results and sales generated by your campaign. During the whole period that your campaign is running, the coordinator will be monitoring it to achieve optimal results. At the end of the campaign you will receive a results report.