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Sell more with Chat Bot

KommoCRM’s Chat Bot intelligence will seek to interact with customers in an automated way. It will send this request to your sales team and allow you 24/7 business accessibility so that you can provide immediate response to your customers’ needs.

KommoCRM’s chatbot is a tool that brings great advantages to your website’s live chat messaging service. Through artificial intelligence, the bot naturally recreates realistic dialogues, answering the customer’s questions satisfactorily, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

The Chat Bot allows your customers to contact you without leaving your website. It is an amazing tool to attract and get more leads while they are still interested in your product. 

What happens when you are not available but someone writes to you? Chatbot online will take care of your conversations by sending welcome messages, scheduling meetings, informing about prices and catalogs, or creating tasks.

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Why work with a Chat Bot?

You will be able to connect:







The world's first CRM powered by messaging

Kommo: a new way to increase your sales

Kommo enables better coordination between resources and allows for greater efficiency in marketing campaigns. Its greatest benefit is in sales, marketing and customer service, as it allows to increase the productivity of both teams, as well as the return on investment in campaigns.

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KommoCRM gives you the opportunity to leverage the tool you need at the time you need it. You can connect with prospects and customers through your preferred method of communication in one click, including email, phone or chat. All your interactions will be in the same place, capturing the entire history of your relationship.

Our built-in messenger allows your team to communicate at lightning speed directly in the interface, so there’s no more switching from one application to another just to send a message.

And don’t worry if you’re away from your desk, alerts are sent to both the amoCRM notification center and your phone. Now you’re always connected, you’ll never miss a message from your teammates again.

Remember that with your ADVANCING and BUSINESS plan you will have included the Chat Bot and WhatsApp configuration


Important news? Marketing promotion? Attractive discount? Send a message to your customers, through any of the connected channels, in bulk, with just a few clicks.

Chat Bot

The artificial intelligence function allows the bot to recognize the intention behind the customers' questions and give the right answer. Everything will be stored neatly on the prospect card.

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